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Trained as an architect I have been taught to transform places - to actively interfere in an existing context and change it profoundly.

In my photographic work, I take a step back. The camera allows me to observe my surroundings, to study a place, an atmosphere.
These studies vary from rational and descriptive works to others, that are rather interpretative or even become entirely new, imaginary, and abstract works. In these studies, I deal with the world I find myself confronted with. My approach is documentary and analytical while at the same time always being highly personal, subjective, and intuitive. My language does not follow a rigid framework but results from the exploration of the respective situation.

My education has deeply influenced my photographic work, my perception, and my conceptual approach. Given this background, the manmade shaping of the world and the interactions and confrontations between human and natural creation are recurring topics in my work.

I live and work in Cologne.


solo exhibition

​​2021      Ort und Atmosphäre, Gelenkzentrum Bergisch Land

2022     Benefizausstellung Kiew/Odessa, Studio Leah & Daniel, Berlin


Parts of the series ostbruch  have been nominated for the FAPA - fine art photography awards in the category fine art.

portfolio reviews

2022    DFA Portfolio Walk, Deichtorhallen Hamburg


+49 172 5306658


Vertreten durch: Helen Gräser

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