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The focus of my work is the artistic exploration of space and atmosphere.

Trained as an architect I have been taught to transform places - to actively interfere in an existing context and change it profoundly.
In my photographic work, I take a step back. The camera allows me to observe my surroundings, to study a place, an atmosphere.
These studies stem from a great curiosity for my environment and a very personal, often intuitive need for self-assurance, temporal and spatial localization and appropriation.

My practice revolves around the relationship between human beings and their surroundings and how our experience and background shape our perception. The human impact on the world and the interactions and confrontations between human and natural creation are recurring (but not exclusive) topics in my work. In addition to the very concrete examination of a particular place or situation, my work also explores the question of place, atmosphere and perception on an abstract level. Does the one place, the atmosphere in the sense of the genius loci exist at all, or are places not always man-made constructs - literally as well as figuratively – dependent on individual perceptions and interpretations?

I work with an analog camera as this intensifies my experience of engagement with a place. My approach is conceptual and personal, and while my visual style is often documentary, my works are not solely descriptive. Instead, they are a result of my subjective engagement and perception.

I aim to convey a sense of place and atmosphere that resonates with the viewers on a personal level and opens up a dialogue between my perception and the viewers’ personal experiences and frames of reference.


solo exhibitions

​​2021      Ort und Atmosphäre I Gelenkzentrum Bergisch Land

2022     Benefizausstellung Kiew/Odessa I Studio Leah & Daniel, Berlin

2023     Kiew/Odessa I Galerie Brotfabrik, Bonn


Parts of the series ostbruch  have been nominated for the FAPA - fine art photography awards in the category fine art.

portfolio reviews

2022    DFA Portfolio Walk, Deichtorhallen Hamburg


2023     Docu Magazine I Volume 17

2023     Artdoc Photography Magazine I Visual Diary

2023     Docu Magazine Print I Vol. 4, Issue 3

2023     panorama


+49 172 5306658


Vertreten durch: Helen Gräser

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